The Separation – Dinah Jefferies

1953, the eve of the Cartwrights’ departure from Malaya. Eleven year old Emma can’t understand why they are leaving without her mother, and why her father is refusing to answer any of her questions.

Lydia arrives home to a empty house – there’s no sign of her husband Alec or her daughters Emma and Fleur. Panic stricken, she embarks on a dangerous journey through the hot and civil-war torn Malayan jungle – one that only the power of a mothers love can help her survive.

What i think : 

The author weaves a story that had me in drawn in right from the start.

The descriptions of the make you feel as if you are right there sweating it out in the middle of the Malayan Jungle.

The story is told by Lydia, the mother and Emma the eldest daughter.

Emma’s story is quite sad. She doesn’t get on well with her father and is shipped off to boarding school quite early on.

she has quite a few awful things happen to her, but never gives up hope of one day seeing her mother again.

Lydia’s story is quite harrowing in places and sometimes its hard to read.

All the time I was reading i really felt for her, and I found myself urging her on. although having said that I did feel she was a strong person, she deals with so much but still comes out the other side.

Excellent characters and a ending that made me cry.

A wonderful first novel.

Published on 22 May 2014

Thank you to Penguin for the copy of the book in return for a honest review.


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