Dear Thing – Julie Cohen.


After years of watching her friends Ben and Claire try for a baby, Romily has offered to give them the thing they want most.

But Romily wasnt prepared for the overwhelming feelings that have taken hold of her and which threaten to ruin her friendship with Ben and Claire – and even destroy their marriage.

Three friends, two mothers and only one baby and a impossible decision to make.

What l think :

This is a beautifully written book that explores the relationships of three friends.

Romily has always been in love with Ben since Uni, But has never told anybody. She has only ever written it down in the letters she writes to ‘Dear One’.

When she agrees to have the baby for Ben she does it for the right reasons, not knowing how its going to affect her.

Claire, Ben’s wife comes across a bit cold, But i think that’s perhaps because she’s had a lot happen to her and still cant have the one thing she really wants – Bens’s Child.

Ben is slightly bumbling but does have a good heart.

My favourite character is Posie (or Mariposa to give her her full name) -Romilys daughter, who is 7 going on 17 !

It made me cry and laugh too!!

All in all a wonderful read. One that had me not wanting to put the book down!

well worth a 10/10 mark from me.

It has a beautiful cover too !!Image


Published on 8 May 2014

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